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Brian Lord
Country Music Artist, Singer Songwriter,
Entertainer and Songwriter

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Brian Lord

That "CRAZY" Aussie Country Music Artist / Singer / Songwriter

Brian Lord Contact Details

Snail Mail Address:

Brian Lord
PO Box 2211,
Echuca, VIC, 3564,

Australian Phone: (03) 5480 2277 or (0407) 67 44 00
Australian Fax: (03) 5480 6654

International Phone: +613 54802277 or +614 07674400 or +1 615 2789311
International Fax: +613 54806654

USA Phone: (615) 278-9311

Email: CMArtist [AT] BrianLord [DOT] com.au
(Replace the " [AT] " with the "@" symbol and " [DOT] " with a ".")

Web: http://www.BrianLord.com.au 

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